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Spanish Greetings: Crossword and Writing Conversation Sheet

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Grade 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Help your students practice greetings and writing basic conversations with our Spanish Greetings: Crossword and Conversation! This resource includes a crossword puzzle activity in which students have to match sixteen different greeting expressions. It also includes a sheet for students to create an original conversation in Spanish using the expressions and basic questions included in the information sheets.

The objective of these worksheets is for students to familiarize themselves with common greeting expressions in Spanish and also with the basic questions that are typically asked on initial conversations when meeting someone, by practicing in the context of a crossword puzzle and creating an original conversation.


This resource is intended for beginner learners or as a review for higher levels of Spanish.

In this resource you can find:

  • Information sheet with expressions divided in four categories: Greetings, Farewells, Introductions and Words of Courtesy

  • Information sheet with basic questions in Spanish and the way to answer them correctly (directed to a friend or someone you are familiar with)

  • Information sheet with basic questions in Spanish and the way to answer them correctly (directed to adults or people whom you should treat with respect/formally).

  • A crossword puzzle with 16 greeting expressions

  • A sheet for students to write a conversation in the form of a script

  • Answer key for the crossword activity

How to use these worksheets? Use the worksheets as:

  • Practice after introducing the topic of greetings.

  • Homework

  • Part of a substitute packet

  • Turn the puzzle into a game with a friendly competition of who finishes first with most accuracy

Use these engaging activities to enhance students' understanding of greetings and develop their writing creativity in Spanish!

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