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Speaking and Listening Would You Rather Set 1

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About This Product

Speaking and Listening Would You Rather Set 1 is the first of 5 sets to engage your students in this game.

Speaking and listening are important skills to practice with students. Many students have a hard time sharing their ideas out loud. Would You Rather questions are a great way to get all students involved. You could do just speaking and listening where you put the questions up and students share their answers. You could print out the questions and have students answer in groups. Or, you could have students write answers in complete sentences and then share.

Would You Rather questions not only allow students to communicate with each other, it's a great opportunity for students to see who might have common interests. If students complete these in a group setting, there could be some great discussions that students have based on who has the same answers.

If you choose to have students stand and give their answer in front of the class, you could have them just say their answer, or you could encourage them to give reasons why. Having them write the sentence first will also help them clearly state their answer.

What's Included

You will receive 4 questions. You get both the color and black and white options

There is also a page available for students to answer in complete sentences

A PDF with 3 ready to use pages.

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