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Spell With Phonics - silent letters, ei & ie, tricky endings - Dan's Naughty Dog

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Spell With Phonics - Dan's Naughty Dog: A Comprehensive Language Arts Resource

"Spell With Phonics - Dan's Naughty Dog" is an engaging and educational resource ideal for teachers and homeschoolers. Featuring a unique approach, this resource offers in-depth insights into various language concepts including phonics, spelling rules, silent letters, prefixes, and suffixes.

A Unique Approach to Learning

The teaching structure of this resource revolves around the story of "Dan's Naughty Dog". This interactive story helps learners grasp complex phonetic sounds like igh, augh, ough, and long u in a captivating manner.

The PDF file includes worksheets aimed at:

  • Inculcating listening skills.
  • Tackling spellings interactively.
  • Promoting write-and-learn practice by reading aloud.

Mission Spelling Zero Scheme: Making Learning Fun!

"Mission Spelling Zero" is an innovative scheme included within "Spell With Phonics". Seven distinct levels represent each color of the rainbow. The goal is to keep learners motivated as they progress through these levels. The character Zoggy (an alien with excellent computer skills) within interesting stories teaches initial sounds double consonant blends along with vowel digraphs.

Fun Games & Practice Books Allied With Proficiency in Writing & Reading Comprehension

This phonic-skills-based curriculum also includes customized practice books focusing on handwriting lessons. It empowers learners to write clear sentences reflecting their understanding while simultaneously enhancing their proficiency via exciting games integrated into it.

Built For Success Across Various Settings

Whether in homeschooling or traditional teaching settings, "Spell With Phonics - Dan's Naughty Dog" offers a comprehensive language arts tool appealing to Kindergarten through second-grade learners. Significant improvement in the grasp of language arts and phonics can be anticipated

Over time, students using this resource gain more confidence and incorporate their improved phonic skills opening ways for future learning opportunities. Remember every learner progresses at their own pace,. Let "Spell With Phonics – Dan's Naughty Dog" guide you and young learners on an enjoyable journey of reading, spelling, fun, and learning!

What's Included

46 pages

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phonics spelling rules silent letters prefixes suffixes

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