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Spin Numbers Addition & Subtraction

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Spin Numbers Addition & Subtraction

This dynamic teaching resource is designed to enhance understanding of Number and Operations, specifically focused on honing students' addition and subtraction skills. It is a comprehensive solution for educators in public schools or homeschool settings who teach math to Grade 1 or Grade 2 students.

Main Features:

Spin Numbers Addition & Subtraction is a vibrant teaching aid created to make learning mathematics a fun-filled and interactive experience for students in kindergarten to grade 2. This creative tool combines addition and subtraction activities, making computations entertaining for young learners.

This resource uses an engaging approach that appeals particularly to math skills while concurrently supplementing their math lessons. The unique feature of two-level differentiation it offers will be a pleasant surprise. The availability of these two levels gives teachers the flexibility to adjust or increase the difficulty based on each student's abilities and learning speed.

  • Included are 6 pages dedicated solely towards practicing addition and subtraction, perfect for beginners in math skill practice.

  • This comes along with a spinner that has numbers 1-10 for students to use their thinking skills to find the correct math problem that equals the number they spin.

This versatile tool offers flexibility in its usage across various teaching environments; it can serve as an educational yet relaxing activity during group sessions or add some excitement to your whole-class adding and subtracting introduction, offering hands-on learning experiences directly in your classroom. This resource can also smoothly fit into homework assignments extending learning beyond school hours or into sub tubs ready for self-study periods.

The contents come packaged in a PDF format ensuring easy access and delivering high-quality printables that are easily accessible whenever required!

·        Laminating each page will protect each page and it can be used over and over again.

·        Cut out the spinner cover page

·        Then add Metal Brad Fasteners Split Pin

·         Punch a hole in the blank space

·        Add spinner to the number page and its ready for use


In Conclusion...

In essence, Spin Numbers Addition & Subtraction strikes just the right balance between enjoyment and academic earnestness. It is a must-have for any K-2 educator’s collection who seeks to make mathematics both fun and effective.

What's Included


2 pages for spinner.

3 pages with addition problems

3 pages with subtract problems

Resource Tags

math skills addition subtraction problem solving adding skills subtraction skills homeschool kindergarten 1st grade math 2nd grade math

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