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Spring Easter Kindergarten Worksheets Counting How Many 1-20

Spring Easter Kindergarten Worksheets Counting How Many 1-20
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About This Product

Looking for a fun and engaging way to celebrate Easter with your Kindergarten students? Look no further than these adorable Easter counting worksheets! These no-prep printable worksheets are perfect for busy teachers who want to add a festive touch to their math lessons without spending hours on prep work.

With these worksheets, your students will practice counting and building number sense from 1-20 by counting different Easter-themed objects like eggs, carrots, and jelly beans. Each page features a different set of objects for your students to count, making it easy to differentiate instruction and ensure that all students are challenged at their own level.

In addition to building counting skills, these worksheets are also designed to help students develop one-to-one correspondence, an essential skill for early math learners.

By counting and matching each object to a number, students will develop a deeper understanding of number concepts and be better prepared for more advanced math topics in the future.

These worksheets are aligned with the Common Core kindergarten standard CCSS.K.CC.B.5, as well as the Georgia K.NR.1 standard, making them a great addition to any math curriculum. And with both color and black and white options available, you can easily customize them to suit your classroom's needs.

So why not add a little Easter cheer to your math lessons this year with these fun and engaging counting worksheets? Your students will love counting out colorful Easter-themed objects while building essential math skills at the same time!

What's Included

3 Easter 1-5 black and white counting worksheets

3 Easter1-10 black and white counting worksheets

3 Easter Day 1-20 black and white counting worksheets

3 Easter Day 1-5 in color counting worksheets

3 Easter 1-10 in color counting worksheets

3 Easter 1-20 in color counting worksheets

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