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Springtime Alliteration Worksheets

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Elementary school-age learners have a great time practicing alliteration skills and these worksheets will have them buzzing with the excitement of Spring. This 3-part ELA activity is sure to engage your grade 2, grade 3, or grade 4 learners. These activities could span over a 3-day period and be easily integrated into your English/Language Arts curriculum. The best part is that all 3 worksheets are print and go. As your learners work their way through each worksheets, they will practice both grammar and writing skills presented in the most current ELA standards. Use this activity in whole group instruction, small group settings, or as individual assignments. The final writing piece can also be used to display Springtime writing and art in your educational environment. Along with the worksheets, an answer key is also provided.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

WORKSHEET 1: learners will draw lines between the provided words to create alliterative sentences with a Springtime theme.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will write the alliterative sentences from worksheet 1 in the space provided. A total of 7 sentences will be written.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will choose their favorite alliterative sentence from worksheet 2, write it on the lines provided, and illustrate the sentence in the space provided.


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What's Included

3 worksheets (black & white version only)

Answer Key

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