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Square Numbers Color by Number Activity (UK)

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Engage students in practicing square numbers with this colorful math worksheet for grades 5-8. Students will solve square root problems, then use the answers to color in the corresponding squares on a fun coloring page. This 4-page printable includes a worksheet with 12 square number problems to solve, a related coloring page, and an answer key. It covers a variety of square numbers from 1 to 144. As students find square roots, they will reinforce their understanding of perfect squares and strengthen multiplication skills. Use this as individual practice or partner work. It also makes a great homework assignment or activity for early finishers. The coloring component adds an incentive to complete the work and check answers using the provided key. Children will enjoy coloring in the picture while solidifying their math skills. With its real-world approach, this color by number supports grades 5-8 in learning algebra concepts like patterns in square numbers. It works well for general education, special education, and homeschool.

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