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St Patricks Day 3 Times Table Matching Game - Printable

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

St Patricks Day 3 Times Table Matching Game - Printable

This fun and festive teaching resource is perfect for instilling a love of multiplication times tables in children from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

Game Design

The game aims to hone students' multiplication skills, particularly focusing on the number three. The package includes printable cards displayed with both multiplication facts and their corresponding solutions. As an added benefit, an array of printing options are available for the card backs to cater for differing teacher preferences in regard to color ink or toner usage.

How To Play

  • Solo Play: Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in a grid formation. Turn over two cards at a time attempting to find matching pairs. Set aside correct pairs until all have been identified.
  • Multi-player Mode: Players take turns uncovering matches. Successful matches mean they retain control, continuing until all possible match pairs have been discovered.
Detailed Instructions & Additional Resources

The resource bundle includes an easy-to-use clickable index page coupled with comprehensive information outlining preparation steps for teachers. Further tips are provided on how difficulty can be adjusted by selecting fewer card pairings when dealing with younger or struggling learners.

Note: Consider incorporating similar resources such as fractions bingo games or skip counting bingo games into your educational plan which may be beneficial supplements!

Versatility of Use

This game can serve various methods of instruction; it can be used as either whole-group activity within classroom settings, small group sessions or individual homework assignments- aiding not only numerical learning but also memory skill development!

Suggestion: Though not strictly necessary, laminating the cards could result in longer-lasting tools, potentially making this game a loved and recurring addition to your curriculum!

Holiday Themed Learning

A unique aspect of this St Patrick's Day-themed math game is its relevance within lesson plans throughout March – a time when schools are likely concentrating on related holiday activities. This strategic approach could make learning multiplication an enjoyable and memorable experience for students.

What's Included

Clickable contents for easy navigation

Teacher information

Printable cards - multiplication facts and solutions

Different printing options for the card backs so you can choose how much colour ink/toner you wish to use, or just print in black and white!

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St Patrick's Day multiplication times tables matching game printable

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