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St Patricks Day 6 Times Table Matching Game - Printable

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About This Product

St. Patrick's Day 6 Times Table Matching Game - Printable

An educational tool encouraging students from Grade 1-4 to learn and enjoy mathematics, particularly the six-times tables.

How it works:

  1. This printable resource presents multiplication facts and their solutions designed on cards.
  2. Fully customizable with four printing options: full color, color, minimal color or black and white.
  3. Once printed (and optionally laminated), students can start playing either solo or multiplayer games.
  4. The aim of the game is to discover pairs of matching multiplication cards that belong to the 6 times table.
Solo play:

In this system, children randomly turn over two cards searching for matches. Correct pairs are removed as markers of success until all pairs have been found.

Multiplayer game:

This adaptation is great for a classroom setting or multi-child households. Players take turns flipping two cards over aiming for matches - found matches are removed stacking up victories till all pieces have been paired off. The level of competition can be adjusted according to ability levels; certain sets can simply be excluded in earlier games until players feel ready.

A worthwhile tool alongside standard curriculum

This St Patrick’s Day themed holiday learning resource not only complements a school's standard curriculum but also adds a dash of festive cheer:

  • Easily integratable as fun homework assignments or during game nights at home,
  • Potential expansions include exploring fractions through bingo games & matching quests,
  • Skill enhancement in number bonds and skip counting through engaging times table board games are other possibilities,

In all: Our St Patrick's Day 6 Times Table Matching Game – printable – encourages a joy of multiplication learning amongst young learners by offering an attractive balance of entertaining and educational content.

What's Included

Clickable contents for easy navigation

Teacher information

Printable cards - multiplication facts and solutions

Different printing options for the card backs so you can choose how much colour ink/toner you wish to use, or just print in black and white!

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