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St. Patrick's Day Number Lines

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St. Patrick's


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

St. Patrick's Day Number Lines - An Amazing Resource for Educators

St. Patrick's Day Number Lines is a pivotal teaching resource targeted specifically for Kindergarten, first-grade and Special Ed teachers. It effectively combines the vibrant spirit of St. Patrick's Day with enhancing students' basic addition and subtraction skills. The set incorporates:
  • Engaging, black and white printable worksheets.
  • An exciting St. Patrick's theme slideshow to facilitate fun learning experiences.
This tool is aimed at crafting a hands-on experience in nurturing number sense through cut-and-paste activities. Not just improving math competence, it also bolsters fine motor skill development.

The no-nonsense black and white printables assure economical printing while providing a chance for children to customize their work with coloring strokes.

A Comprehensive Package of Seven Pages Filled With Math Challenges!

This complete package includes:
  1. Two pages dedicated to practicing algebraic problems involving "number line addition under 10".
  2. Another two assigned specifically for subtraction tasks falling within 10.
  3. Four additional worksheets covering ten frames application topics – broadening the scope of understanding numbers through different perspectives!
Apart from these versatile features, another page targets ten-frame additions falling under ten – indeed an impressive aid in visualizing numbers that further refines basic arithmetic skills among budding learners. Available as a handy PDF file type enhances its compatibility across several digital platforms asserting easy downloadability and printability - making it “just right” choice during festive seasons like St-Patrick’s day!

What's Included

2 pages number line addition within 10

2 pages number line subtraction within 10

2 pages ten frames practice within 10

1 page ten frame addition within 10

Resource Tags

St Patrick's Day Number Sense Addition Subtraction Ten Frames

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