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Stem Activity: Do you want to melt a snowman

Stem Activity: Do you want to melt a snowman
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About This Product

STEM Activity: Do You Want to Melt a Snowman?

An Eye-catching Resource for 2nd Graders!

This instructional package has got it all - from engaging experiments to fun-filled activities that take you straight to the magical world of ice and snow.

The Science of Melting - I Wanna Be An 'Ice Herald'!

  • In this first experiment, get ready to observe how different methods such as breath, salt, or cold water accelerate the process of melting a snowman.

  • This unique approach not only ensures hands-on practice but also enhances your understanding of key scientific concepts.

The Journey with Olaf - 'Olaf's Summer Adventure'

  1. Your favourite Disney character Olaf embarks on a summertime journey in this intriguing adventure.

  2. Your challenge? Protect him from harsh Sun rays to prevent him from melting quickly. Use the handy recording sheet for tracking your observations along the way!

Elsa Awaits You in The Snow Castle Challenge

Create artificial snow just like Elsa! Sounds fascinating, right?

  • All you need are common household items like baking soda and shaving cream and an enthusiasm for science.

  • You can even measure your snowy castle using directions provided on an accompanying recording sheet.


Dedicated educators regardless of their teaching setup can use these high quality PDFs for creating memorable lessons that stimulate students curiosity through exploration and play!

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