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STEM Workbook for Grades 4 and 5 - Book 1

An educational teaching resource from Ready-Ed Publications entitled STEM Workbook for Grades 4 and 5 - Book 1 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5





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About This Product

STEM Workbook for Grades 4 and 5 - Book 1

A practical and engaging educational resource, specially designed to spark the curiosity of fourth and fifth-grade students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

This workbook is a 45-page PDF file offering a plethora of hands-on activities that are accessible yet intellectually stimulating.

Book Highlights:

  • The first section focuses on how rollercoasters work:
    This chapter encourages students to apply their knowledge about physics principles such as gravity, friction, energy transfer, momentum - all through fun rollercoaster context!
  • The second section provides an interactive experience of designing own rollercoasters:
    Promoting creativity while reinforcing elements learned in the first section.
  • The third unit offers exposure to coding via creating virtual simulations of roller coasters: Here they commence on their journey of understanding programming concepts that underpin much modern technology today.
  • Last but not least is a delve into history: The fourth section focuses on historical aspect by documenting the fascinating evolution stories behind amusement parks.

This book serves as an enriching self-learning tool for learners themselves outside school hours or even during breaks using either hard copy or digital format ensuring learning anytime anywhere!

In summary, STEM Workbook for Grades 4 and 5 - Book one provides a unique blend of key engineering science principles brought alive through strikingly realistic contexts including amusement park rides thereby ensuring wholesome learning wherein young learners become more adept at identifying practical applications of the key principles learnt – a perfect launchpad for aiding our future potential scientiators in understanding and appreciations about wonders around that keeps world moving.

Gear up your students for this amazing STEM journey!

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