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Teacher Life Hand Lettering Practice Guide - Rae Dunn Inspired

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About This Product

Teacher Life Hand Lettering Practice Guide - Rae Dunn Inspired, is an exceptional tool for teachers desiring to explore the world of lettering. Taking inspiration from the elegant simplicity of Rae Dunn's aesthetic, this guide serves as a vital resource for developing your unique lettering style.

Equipped with 13 practice sheets crafted by a fellow educator and typography enthusiast, this guide offers printable visual references designed for over-tracing— a tried and true method of mastering new skills.

Not Just An Alphabet Guide

Beyond being an alphabet guide, it also incorporates commonly used words in various educational settings. This dual approach enhances understanding of how individual letters come together while supporting a smooth transition into penning full words independently.

Multipurpose Tool

No matter the grade level or subject matter taught, this guide can be used as:

  • An embellishment to your teaching toolkit,
  • A resource for revamping classroom decor,
  • A decorative element on student certificates or bulletin board titles.

Inspiring Students & Parents

This could spur students to learn hand-lettering themselves! It's also perfect material suited towards parents interested in adding creative touches to their homeschool environments!

Once printed out—the only requirement—it delivers robust content that stands equally effective when used on its own or alongside existing lesson plans. In conclusion, Teacher Life Hand Lettering Practice Guide - Rae Dunn Inspired is compact yet compressed—a steppingstone towards seamless artistic self-expression that no education enthusiast should miss!

What's Included

1 PDF FILE for the Materials.

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