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Telling Time - Spring Ahead

An educational teaching resource from Quail Trail Products entitled Telling Time - Spring Ahead downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Telling Time - Spring Ahead: A Sensational Resource

For teachers preparing their students for the seasonal shift, Telling Time - Spring Ahead offers an exciting lesson plan. This packet strengthens learners' time-telling skills while acknowledging Daylight Savings Time and awaiting Spring's arrival.

Workbook Structure:
  • 18 detailed worksheets divided into three sections each emphasizing unique learning styles – matching, cut & paste, drawing & writing.
  • Suitable for individual assignments or group-based activities catering to differentiated instruction methods.
Set 1: 'Springtime Animals'

The initial set has tasks based on analog and digital clocks match-ups where students 'spring ahead' one hour. Each worksheet gradually escalates in complexity with word problem-solving scenarios related to telling time.

Set 2: 'Springtime Activities'

This playful segment includes cutting and pasting exercises which help learners understand how the clock changes when advanced by an hour. It also enhances crucial fine motor skills needed for young learners.

Set 3: 'Farming Theme'

The final set entails writing and drawing tasks wherein students either write digital timings or draw hands-on analog clocks after understanding a related word problem or digital/analog clock respectively.

    - Colorful worksheets - Black-and-white versions suitable according to teaching preferences or printing options

The resource instills precision in telling time & adaption of upcoming seasonal alterations such as moving an hour ahead during springtime. It is ideal for Kindergarten-grade 1 math curriculums across public schools or homeschooling models discussing topics like Time usually included under broader Math teachings. With the entire community eagerly anticipating Spring's onset and Daylight Savings Time's commencement, these educational worksheets makes learning more pertinent, imaginative and memorable!

What's Included

18 total worksheets (color version)

B&W version is identical to color version

Answer Key

Resource Tags

Telling Time Spring Ahead Worksheets Analog Clocks Digital Clocks

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