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Ten Timid Ghosts WH- Questions - BOOM Cards

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Ten Timid Ghosts WH- Questions - BOOM Cards

These teaching resources pair perfectly with Jennifer O'Connell's children's book, Ten Timid Ghosts, creating a dynamic and informative learning environment. Providing a remarkable approach to boost reading comprehension and critical problem-solving abilities, this set of activities proves itself as an invaluable asset for educators teaching students between Preschool to Grade 5.

The Product:
  • The product includes WH questions that stimulate active participation in story reading while fostering the ability to recall specific details from plot or characters.
  • It addresses vital elements such as character identification, understanding vocabulary, deriving main ideas from stories and cultivates effective problem-solving techniques

This interactive resource is highly adaptable, proving its usability in whole-group book discussions or targeted small group activities focused on detail recall tactics and comprehension skills enhancements. It can even be used for homework!

Note: If your student demographic encompasses individuals who need special resources due to language development challenges, this children-friendly tool offers a unique way of presenting catered instructions. Packaging:

All these benefits come neatly wrapped up into an easy-to-navigate PDF file containing direct links needed for immediate access to Boom Card associated activities. It seamlessly integrates into any classroom environment – public schools or home-school setups alike!

In conclusion:

If you are looking for innovative ways to make story time more enriching by infusing academic growth driving elements - the “Ten Timid Ghosts” WH-Questions - Boom Cards is just what you need. Plus it’s Halloween-themed,, making it even more appealing!

What's Included

1 PDF file with a link to Boom Card.

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