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The Day I Met A Dinosaur: Write The Story (9-13 years)

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled The Day I Met A Dinosaur: Write The Story (9-13 years) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

'The Day I Met A Dinosaur: Write The Story' (9-13 years)

An engaging and informative teaching resource, ideal for educators of Grade 3 to Grade 8 learners. This valuable academic tool fosters creative writing practice among students, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the world of dinosaurs and narrative creation.

Package Content:
  • Designed For: This resource has been primarily crafted for children aged 9-13 years.
  • Core Objective: It provides a platform for young minds to explore their creativity by constructing their own tale titled 'The Day I Met A Dinosaur'. An exemplary story is included in the package as an example yielding ideas on character development, plot devising and setting establishment.
  • A Variety Of Activities:The activities span over three pages with innovative writing prompts which cater not only to Language Arts Practice but also enhance imaginative capabilities. Moreover, there's a dedicated planning sheet that caters to different elements of the story including characters, settings or plot.
  • Diverse Learning Needs Adressed:This teaching tool challenges proficient pupils through more complex vocabulary usage while ensuring it remains accessible enough for those still grappling with foundational concepts.

You can consider implementing these resources either in whole group settings—promoting collaborative learning—or assigned individually depending upon each student’s unique needs. They are also suitable for use as homework assignments ensuring constructive utilization of home-study hours while paving way for parental involvement.

Digital Delivery & Practicality-
  • The entire package is provided digitally as a PDF file type allowing easily reproducible copies catering to classroom-wide distribution without any hiccups maintaining high-quality print outputs every single instance subsequently minimizing overhead costs while maximizing learning outcomes.

With 'The Day I Met A Dinosaur: Write The Story', Language Arts class will become an anticipated event for students as it nurtures critical creative writing capabilities. Explore the narratives your students concoct and in the process help them hone their storytelling skills, fostering a lifelong love for written expression.

What's Included

3 pages

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