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The Emperor’s New Clothes Foldable Mini Book Grade 1 2 3 READING

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Support your young and beginning readers with this highly engaging The Emperor’s New Clothes Foldable Mini Book Set. Designed for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 primary students, homeschoolers, and, EFL / ESL learners, this resource includes different versions of foldable mini-books that can be used for different activities in the classroom or learning environment. Specifically, this resource contains the following:

1. Colored Mini-Book

2. Black and White Mini-Book with Story Tracing Activities

3. Picture-Fill Mini-Book for Sequencing Test or Exercise

4. Black and White Mini-Book for Story Re-Tell and Writing Exercise

5. Blank Mini-Book Pages for Story Re-Tell, Writing, and Drawing Exercises

6. Sample Lesson Plan

The downloadable file contains different versions for printing preferences, specifically legal, letter and A4 paper sizes. There is also an instruction page for how to put together the foldable mini-book. This “The Emperor’s New Clothes Foldable Mini Book” is created to anchor learners’ reading comprehension skills as well as guide them in sequencing events; help them develop their re-telling skills; encourage creativity and cognitive skills; support their motor skills through handwriting and drawing exercises in just one resource!

This set is perfect accompanying activity for reading comprehension lessons, reading exercises and projects or just an enjoyable activity for your little readers!

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