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The Kite Runner Characterization Flip book

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The Kite Runner Characterization Flip Book

This unique teaching resource is perfect for students from Grades 7 through 12. It's designed as a book companion, taking the user on an enlightening journey through the main characters of the acclaimed novel "The Kite Runner".

  • Simplicity and depth: Packed full of thoughtfully designed graphic organizers that encourage deep dives into character development.
  • Comprehensive character study: Each assessment engages learners in understanding complex narrative nuances - actions, motivations, interactions with other characters and much more.
  • Dual learning strategy: Unravel contrasts and resemblances amongst various distinct personas to enhance understanding of literary elements like plot progression and themes.

Flexible & Versatile Usage

Designed keeping differing learning needs in mind, it offers varied methods for differentiated instruction – effective for whole group lessons or small group studies as well as independent homework assignments.

  • 11 content-rich pages: Relevant both for targeted Literature studies as well as interdisciplinary contexts such as critical thinking skill enhancement.
  • Rubric only answer key: Attached at backend to assist educators in assessing student comprehension accurately yet effortlessly.

Note: Available as PDF file type format; ensure your device supports PDF files before downloading. Makes lesson preparation swift - just download, print and teach!

Benefits & Uses?

  • Learner engagement with literature increases resulting into better information recall, deeper comprehension and advanced analytical abilities.
  • Makes life easier for educators by being a resource that delivers multi-dimensional benefits for students.

What's Included

Total Pages

11 pages

Answer Key

Rubric only

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Kite Runner Characterization Literature studies Graphic organizers Differentiated instruction

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