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The Measles Reading Comprehension Article

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Grade 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

The Measles Reading Comprehension Article helps students in grades 8 and up improve literacy and science skills. This 2.5-3 page reading informs students about the measles disease through engaging content and questions. Topics covered include the measles' history, symptoms, transmission, how the virus works, diagnosis, treatments, complications, and prevention. Questions challenge students' knowledge, thinking, connections, application, and open-ended skills. The reading integrates easily into lessons or independent assignments, including for distance learning through Google Classroom. It provides an introduction to measles, boosts reading skills, substitution plans, and means to measure literacy growth. This practical resource saves teachers' time while meeting various standards and improving disciplinary literacy.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-Reading passage as a DOC and PDF

-Comprehension questions w/ Answer Key

-Google Reading Access PDF

This resource covers the following topics:

- What are the Measles?

- History and Prevalence

- Signs and Symptoms

- Mode of Transmission

- How the Measles Virus Works

- Tests and Diagnosis

- Treatments

- Complications

- Prevention

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