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The Sand Castle: Learn Endings ...tion & ...ture

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About This Product

The Sand Castle: Learn Endings ...tion & ...ture

This is a beneficial teaching resource aimed at facilitating reading and phonics proficiency for children of all ages, specifically those aged four years and up. Whether it's reluctant older readers age seven and above, students with learning difficulties or children using English as a second language, this product has them covered.

An engaging narrative stars Sam on his adventures in The Sand Castle. It lends itself perfectly to one-on-one settings or small groups. Systematically introducing the 44 phonic sounds within the text that one must master for understanding 80% of words in English.

Reinforcing stories like 'The Bouncing Castle' and 'The Famous Cousin From The Country' encourage active engagement from students as they identify hidden sounds while progressively learning complex middle sounds. Eventually preparing young readers for solo books like Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

Key Features:

  • Cut-out practice pages matching words with images or phrases.
  • Straightforward resources featuring fun color sketches appealing directly to youngsters.
  • Packs can be selected based on sound requirements - no particular order needed.
Suggested Order:
  1. Tackle initial sounds (word-building with three or four-letter words) if introducing to complete non-readers.
  2. Proceed onto specific phonics sounds such as ch, sh etc.,
  3. Move onto more complex ones like tion le etc.,
  4. Last stage comprises prefixes & suffixes progression.

This pack titled"The Sand Castle: Learn Endings …tion & …ture", includes study about phonics endings -tion (as in imagination) and -ture (as in capture), including a deeper insight into silent letters. You will find instructions within the pack to guide the teaching process, from practicing sound several times for familiarity to reading sentences and matching words with pictures. Available as a 24-page PDF, this pack is an ideal choice for preschool, kindergarten children, and those in grades one and two enrolled specifically in Language Arts courses or homeschool curriculum focusing on Phonics. As a type of worksheet teaching aid, it aids students’ reasoning abilities as well as their auditory learning style.

What's Included

24 pages

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reading proficiency phonics language acquisition interactive learning teaching resource

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