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Phonics ch when it sounds like k (as in ache): Read My Cousin The Genius

Phonics ch when it sounds like k (as in ache): Read My Cousin The Genius
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Read My Cousin The Genius is an effective and engaging learning resource for educators, be they conventional school teachers or homeschoolers. Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Phonic sound 'oa' (as denoted in words like 'soak'), this teaching aid can help develop a child's reading proficiency in just six months.

This learning pack, tailor-built for learners from 4 years, serves as an essential tool for older students experiencing difficulties with reading: those aged 7 and beyond. Also, the resource serves as a viable learning enabler for those who consider English as their second language. Intended primarily to be used on a one-to-one basis or within small groups having adult supervision, these packs gradually integrate 44 phonic sounds into the text through enjoyable narratives featuring Sam - an endearing young character.

These packs can perk up curiosity in children through interesting exercises such as treasure hunts for hidden sounds scattered throughout the storylines. Having accomplished mastery over these sounds opens up access to almost 80% of English language words that can further be decomposed into simpler syllables like 'pl-ay-ing'. Phonics application greatly fast-tracks progress amongst users.

  • The Bouncing Castle
  • The Famous Cousin From The Country

The additional cut-out practice pages included within several of these packs facilitate matching words with images or aligning phrases with illustrations allowing students to better visualize and retain learned material. As such, this unique combination of simple text coupled with colourful sketches makes mastering phonetics fun and easy.

While sequence order does not restrict usage of individual packets,the recommended starting point is initial sounds (word building with three or four letter words), followed by the progression of learning phonic sounds in the following sequence: ch, sh, wh, th, oo, ee, ar, or, ur and so on.

Each pack offers an individual sound. Thus a typical session would involve learning this sound alongside the child/children, read aloud associated sentences or stories and match given lists of words/phrases with images to be repeated until familiarity with that particular sound is established.

Broadly ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 2 language arts curriculum specifically targeting phonics through useful worksheets. This PDF file serves as an invaluable resource for instructors aiming for efficient built-in phonics skills within their young learners.

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