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The Titanic

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The Titanic: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

The Titanic is a detailed teaching resource that engages learners into the gripping narrative of one of the global maritime disasters. Despite its thoroughness, this material remains straightforward making it suitable for Grade 6 to Grade 9.

  • The course starts with a brief introduction about oceanic travel's progress during the1800s, highlighting how this development precipitated Harland and Wolff in Belfast constructing the mammoth Titanic.

  • It seamlessly transitions towards examining assorted amenities passengers across all three classes could access aboard.

  • A significant aspect unique to this course includes biography data sheets on24 key or noteworthy Figures who were passengers on board.. By adding personal elements to history, students gain an intimate comprehension leaving an enduring impression.

  • Weaning from learning individual stories, using noted events before batting-on delving down into further details about maiden voyage and tragic sinking. Giving thought-provoking retrospective dive as children get chance exploring story imprinted upon pop-culture destiny & was transformed collectively remembered lore till date.

    Bundles up Considerable Resource Materials favoring Group Activities or Solo Learning alike:

    In addition having each lesson inclusive:

    • Precise note sheets,

    • Huge visual aids meant for every section; along posters/booklet templates,

    • Likewise,

    • Tidy image sheets easily usable over Student desks/small bulletin boards paired with impressive title cards capable garnering student attention.

    • Likewise helping Teacher's convenience facilitating lessons alongside PowerPoint presentations:

      • Crossword Puzzles justifying simply revising & assessing learning outcomes derived from chapterwise sections whether under Homeschool/Regular classroom environments effectively.

      • Happy Learning journey perusing through our Preview sheet.

        An educational gem merely titled The Titanic, it proves informative yet thrilling enough stimulating curiosity amongst keen learners over world history especially maritime ventures. Remember that content would be delivered within compressed Zip file focusing utility storing additional resources quite conveniently within classrooms.

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