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The Weirdo Novel Study

The Weirdo Novel Study
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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

This 61-page resource is designed to be used during Reading Workshop and is to be used with The Weirdo by Theodore Taylor. The pack has been designed in alignment with Common Core State Standards for Grade 7 Reading.

About the Novel: Chip Clewt, known simply as the weirdo, lives like a hermit in the Powhatan Swamp, a National Wildlife Refuge that is at the center of a heated controversy between local hunters and environmentalists. A hunting ban on the Powhatan is about to expire. The environmentalists want to protect the wildlife; the hunters are oiling their guns. Then someone completely unexpected comes forward to spearhead the conservation effort - the weirdo.

What's Included

Chapter Summaries, Comprehension Questions, Digging Deeper Opportunities (includes character studies and plot studies), Creative Writing Tasks, and Non-Fiction Tasks related to content of the novel (swamps, poaching, black bears, hunting).

**A digital copy of the file is also available on Google Slides for students to complete online instead of printing.

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