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Theme Scenes Winter, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Holiday Activities, Christmas

About This Product

Product Overview

Theme Scenes Winter, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Holiday Activities, Christmas is an exciting and dynamic teaching toolbox designed to boost language development in engaging and interactive ways. This education tool is adaptable for use within traditional classrooms as well as homeschooling environments.

Winter-Themed Content & Flexibility

The 13 themed scenes included in the product revolve around various winter topics such as 'playing in the snow', 'winter camping and roasting marshmallows', 'ice skating', 'winter clothing' etc. These scenes are enriched with movable elements that facilitate activities like sentence creation, question formulation, description practices, and learning prepositions.

Educational Settings & Reusability

  • Whole group settings: For generalized language use.
  • Small group settings: For specific skill learning.
  • Homeschooling or homework assignments: To stimulate practice outside of school hours.

The diverse usability of these theme scenes makes them perfect reusable resources across different events and occasions throughout educational calendars; you can go from planning a New Year's day party one season to planning Valentine's Day celebrations next with this versatile toolkit!

Cross Compatibility & Usage Terms

This resource is compatible with modern internet browsers including Chrome,Safari,Firfox,and Edge. It also operates seamlesslyon a number if apps available for Android/iPads/iPhones/Kindle Fires.It comes under Power Speach And Language copyright from2020 onwards meaning it grants exclusivity for individual professional users ..

Audiences & Subjects

Though non-grade specific, this toolkit targets early learners especially from preschool until kindergarten. It can be ideally used within primary subjects such as Special Resources, Holidays, Language Arts in order to foster comprehensive learning and vocabulary development. The resource also includes elements of inclusive education catering to Special Educational Needs (SEN), Speech Therapy & Life Skills.

In Summary:

Theme Scenes Winter, Boom Cards Speech Therapy etc., is a linguistically targeted development tool that allows for flexible usage leading towards an interactive learning journey.

What's Included

♥ Includes 13 winter themed interactive scenes:

1. Playing in the snow

2. Winter camping and roasting marshmallows

3. Ice skating and winter clothing

4. Hibernating animals

5. Building a Snowman

6. Decorating the tree / Arctic animals

7. North Pole / Santa's Workshop

8. Stockings on the fireplace

9. Christmas morning / opening presents

10. Reindeer playing in the snow

11. Gingerbread family

12. New Year's party

13. Valentine's Day

* Please note there are no question or prompt cards that accompany these scenes. They are designed for the therapist or teacher to use for targeting their goals the way they need to- I wanted them to be open ended so that you can use the scenes to elicit/prompt for language in your own individualized way. This deck includes 13 interactive scenes (with moveable pieces/pictures) and nothing additional.

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