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Thermodynamics Crossword Puzzles

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

50 Puzzles, Endless Learning: 50 crossword puzzles crafted to teach and reinforce essential thermodynamics vocabulary.

From “entropy” to “adiabatic process,” every term finds its place in these brain-teasing grids.

A resource for 9th 12th students: 50 crossword puzzles designed to teach and review essential thermodynamics vocabulary.

These puzzles are perfect for:

  • sub plans,

  • distance learning,

  • homework,

  • early finisher work.

Each puzzle covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a strong foundation in key terms and concepts.

7 Crosswords

2 Circle Find a Word Puzzles

2 Cartoon Jumble

4 Clue Jumble

2 Clueless Crosswords

10 Code Words

2 Communicative Crosswords Puzzles

1 Anagram

1 Mystery

3 Find a Word Puzzles

1 Find a Word Anagram

1 Find a Word Mystery

3 No Peeky Puzzles

2 Word Definition

4 Word Match

5 Word Jumble

List of terms:

  1. Thermodynamics

  2. Heat

  3. Temperature

  4. Energy

  1. Work

  2. System

  3. Entropy

  4. Internal Energy

  5. Heat Transfer

  6. Thermal Equilibrium

  7. Adiabatic

  8. Isobaric

  9. Isothermal

  10. Heat Capacity

  11. First Law of Thermodynamics

  12. Heat Engine

  13. Carnot Cycle

  14. Entropy Increase

  15. Enthalpy

  16. Boiling Point

  17. Critical Point

  18. Phase Diagram

  19. Heat Exchanger

  20. Thermal Expansion

  21. Pressure-Temperature Diagram

  22. Second Law of Thermodynamics

  23. Entropy Production

  24. Thermal Conduction

  25. Thermal Insulation

  26. Heat Pump

Answer Keys for Easy Assessment: No more guessing games! The included answer keys ensure smooth evaluation and feedback.

Boost Critical Thinking: These puzzles aren’t just about filling in blanks; they encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and mental agility. As you connect the dots (or rather, the letters), you’re building a mental bridge to thermodynamic mastery.

What's included:

Print and go resource

a zip file with puzzles and solutions.

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