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Things That GO! eBook

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About This Product

Get ready to dive into the engaging world of transportation vehicles with the "Things That Go!" eBook! This remarkable digital educational resource is perfect for babies and toddlers, featuring eye-catching black-and-white illustrations blended with vibrant colors and lovable characters. Within this 1-zip file product, you'll find a delightful digital book accompanied by authentic sound effects and endearing music to ensure a fun learning experience for your little ones.

"Things That Go!" eBook captures baby's attention while enhancing their visual senses and promoting early literacy skills. As your child discovers the sounds of various vehicles, such as trucks, trains, planes, cars, motorcycles, tractors, sailboats, and helicopters - it will ignite their curiosity!

This invaluable digital resource offers not only an enjoyable introduction to different modes of transportation but also instills a genuine love for reading in young children. Expand your educational resources by adding this fantastic tool designed to make learning an entertaining journey. Embark on a voyage filled with impressive illustrations that bring each vehicle's unique sound alive in baby's ears! Hop on board the "Things That Go!" eBook experience – guiding young minds towards knowledge one vehicle at a time!

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

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travel books transportation books literacy learning children

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