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Thought Bubble Scenarios For Perspective Taking

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Life Skills


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Perspective Taking is a struggle for so many of my students. It can be a difficult social skill to learn and to teach. I wrote these THOUGHT BUBBLE SCENARIOS activities to help my students practice a wide variety of common social scenarios that I saw them experiencing every day. 

This product includes 4 fun and leveled activities that teach children the very important social skill of considering how their behavior affects others around them. 

Activity 1 Includes to levels, Level 1: K-2 with 20 scenario cards and Level 2: 3rd-5th with 30 scenario cards of common situations. 

These scenarios prompt children to think about how others may feel in the given situations. This is a helpful way to start thinking about how behavior affects others. By looking at scenarios of other people, children are not explicitly talking about thier own actions. 

These scenarios can be discussed and or role played for lots of fun and multiple lessons. Pick and chose the scenarios that best fit your students and use the EDITABLE cards to easily make your own as needed.

Activity 2 Includes individual thought bubbles and matching heart shapes for children to use to discuss what THEY would think and feel in the given scenarios. Now we are getting a little more personal and discussing our own thoughts and feelings about other's actions. 

Activity 3 Children make the connection between their actions and their thoughts AND their actions and other people's thoughts.

Activity 4 Pulls it all together by getting children to consider how their actions affect the thoughts and feelings of others. Using a simple worksheet type flow chart, children can think about how their actions may affect the way others around them think and feel. This is a great worksheet to use for BOTH negative and positive behaviors. We want to encourage and teach about positive behaviors and not only focus on the negative.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 64 Pages

Discussion Page

Visual Supports

Perspective Taking Poster

Thought Bubble Poster

Activity 1

Directions Page

30 Scenario Cards

2 Make Your Own Cards **EDITABLE**

Activity 2

Directions Page

5 Thought Bubbles For Activity 2

5 Hearts For Activity 2

Activity 3

Directions Page

Picture Cards For k-2nd

Picture Cards For 3rd-5th

Action/Thoughts Worksheet For k-2nd

Action/Thoughts Worksheet For 3rd-5th

Action/Thoughts Worksheet #3 {More Complex}

Activity 4


2 Worksheets

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