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TIC TAC TOE Spanish Past simple digital activity All verbs

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

TIC TAC TOE Spanish Past Simple Digital Activity

The TIC TAC TOE Spanish Past Simple digital activity offers a comprehensive, fun method to assist students in mastering the past simple verb tense in Spanish. This tool is an interactive resource designed for educators teaching public school classes, home-schooled students, and adult learners of the language. With a focus on various irregular and regular verbs and their application, this resource presents numerous practice opportunities.

Detailed Features:

  • 48 task boards divided into eight sections: Based on different verb forms and tasks to provide ample interaction with the material while learning complex verb tenses.

  • In-depth coverage of tricky grammar areas: Focuses on difficulties like verbs changing from E into I, -ducir verbs, along with highly irregular forms such as 'ser', 'poner' or 'querer'.

  • A self-checking game mode: Adds an exciting twist to conventional learning strategies by providing an annual repetition process that doesn't require any preparation thereby promoting educational sustainability initiatives.

Versatile Application

This tool is intended for use both in virtual or in-person classrooms as well as individual study sessions; it aids vocabulary skill development while bolstering grammar accuracy concurrently.

The Power Point TM resource has been configured for presentation mode operation which fosters further interactivity during group activities or assignment completion at home.

Broad-coverage Utility & Accessibility

Suitable for middle school through high school levels or even adult education courses; instructions are provided both in English & Spanish languages making it widely accessible across diverse backgrounds. The TIC TAC TOE Spanish Past Simple digital activity is an invaluable addition to any educator’s toolkit aiming to make Spanish language learning not just informative but enjoyable too!


Este recurso, tipo Tic-Tac-Toe, tiene como objetivo la práctica del pretérito perfecto simple (también conocido como pretérito indefinido) en español de todos los tipos de verbos (regulares e irregulares) en formato PowerPointTM.

Es auto correctivo y muy fácil de usar, puedes compartir pantalla o proyectarlo delante de la clase.

Al principio del ítem se presenta la tabla de contenido con los distintos tipos de irregularidades de forma que puedas elegir qué sección trabajar.

Son 48 preguntas o slides con 9 verbos cada una. Con este recurso se puede trabajar no solo la gramática sino también el léxico: aprovecha la ocasión y enriquece el vocabulario de us alumnos con verbos que desconocen.

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