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Times Tables Practice Song with Fractions (4s to 6s)

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About This Product

Times Tables Practice Song with Fractions (4s to 6s): A vital resource for engaging math learning

The Times Tables Practice Song with Fractions (4s to 6s) is a unique teaching aid that combines different learning aspects into a captivating mix. It houses a song in an MP4 video file, designed specifically to teach times tables from 4 through 6.

Key Features:
  • A rousing song that adheres to an easy-to-follow rhythm, aimed at facilitating effortless learning of multiplication facts.
  • Innovative teaching techniques which go beyond traditional rote-learning methods, encouraging student engagement and enthusiasm during math drills.

Integrated Lessons on Fractions

To enhance the learning experience further, this resource also integrates lessons on fractions! The carefully crafted lyrics portray real-life examples, providing tangible links between multiplication concepts and the concept of fractions. The complex subjects are presented as digestible pieces of information that are easy for young minds to comprehend outside formal learning environments or during downtime at school.

Versatile Teaching Material

This material can be used in various classroom scenarios. You can use it as part of group lessons or individual sessions. It serves well as interactive engagement material for solitary work or as educational homework encouraging family-participation!


Coding fun into your time table lessons has never been easier! Deliver your curriculum while eliminating monotony off your classroom doors with the Times Tables Practice Song incorporating Fractions from 4-6 today!

What's Included

A 4 minute MP4 file

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times tables fractions math practice multiplication facts interactive learning

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