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Touch & Count Posters-Primary Colors

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About This Product

These touch and count poster sets and individual student cards can be used as a teaching resource in your classroom to help students understand 1 to 1 correspondence when counting, adding, subtracting or skip counting.

All numbers 1-9 contain the same number of points that correspond to the numeral's value. When students are able to see, touch, say and hear each numeral, they are able to master the foundational patterns counting, adding and subtraction much easier and this will set your student up for success in math now and in the future!

These bright posters will be an asset to any elementary classroom.


How to Use?

Print on cardstock and laminate for long term use.

Print student cards on cardstock, laminate and give a copy to each student or print on paper and tape over it on their desk.

When teaching addition using touch points, you must first teach students the touch points for numerals one through nine. Teach 1-5 first and once those are mastered, move to 6-9 where you have to count the points with the rings twice.

Display the posters in your room.

Model how to count using the posters and student copies often.

For addition, teach students how to say the biggest number and count on using the touch points on the smaller number.

For subtraction, teach students how to say the bigger number and count backwards by touching the points on the smaller number.

What's Included

1 sets of Touch & Count Classroom Posters in Primary colors

1 page of 3 individual student sets

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