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Turkey Trouble Puppets & Retell Strip

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About This Product

This set of popsicle stick puppets and retell strip are for Turkey Trouble. A silly and funny Thanksgiving children's book. Turkey Trouble is written by Wendi J. Silvano and Illustrated by Lee Harper. This puppet set is a falltastic activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students in class or at home. This set of puppets can help your student to connect, remember, and retell the story for themselves and others. I hope these puppets puppets are useful in you future story adventures at home or in school.


  • 4 to 7 Popsicle Sticks

  • Crayons or Color Pencils

  • 1 Puppet Page


Color puppets, cut on dotted line or outer edge of puppet, and glue each to a popsicle stick or a turkey on each side of stick.


  • Long Strip of Paper

  • Crayons or Color Pencils

  • 1 of the retell pages (half or full)


color, cut out squares, and glue turkeys costumes in order on paper strip or use them as sort game.

3 downloadable and printable pages. On the puppet page there are 7 puppets. Which are 1 Normal Turkey, 1 Turkey Horse, 1 Turkey Cow, 1 Turkey Pig, 1 Turkey Sheep, 1 Turkey Rooster, and 1 Turkey Pizza Delivery Person. Then there are 2 retell pages, 1 full page and 1 half page.

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