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About This Product

TV Technology Gadgets Image Set This set of 12 detailed clipart images focuses on various technology gadgets students may use in the classroom or at home, including an iPod, tablet, TV, phone, microphone, document camera, video game controller, laptop, flash drive, computer mouse, camera, and headphones. Teachers can utilize these graphics when making anchor charts about technology or digital literacy. They can also be used as visuals in slideshow presentations explaining different devices. Students may find them useful for multimedia projects on technology innovations and advancements over time. The universal nature of the images allows flexibility for both general education and special education teachers to reinforce technology terminology and usage at many grade levels in a clear, engaging way. With detailed renditions of everyday tech gadgets students know and use, this resource helps teachers introduce or review concepts around current classroom technology and responsibly using devices safely and effectively. The graphics visually support many technology standards in a simple, straightforward way.

What's Included

This set includes line art and colored images

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