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Two-Step Equations - Solve + Match Worksheet

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

This Two-Step Equations - Solve + Match Worksheet allows students to practice solving two-step equations. There are twenty-one problems in total. Some problems have the variable on the left side, some have the variable on the right side. Some problems involve fractions, some do not.
Once students solve an equation, they need to find their answer in the answer bank provided and match the answer letter with the problem number.

Solve & Match worksheets help students build confidence in their skills when they are able to find their answer in the answer bank! It also alleviates students constantly asking the teacher if their answer is correct.

This worksheet is suitable for students who are just learning how to solve two-step equations, or for students who need a review of two-step equations before moving on to multi-step equations. It works great as an in-class assignment or as a homework assignment!

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What's Included

Included With This Download:

-Student Worksheet (1 page, front and back)

-Answer Key (with worked out solutions)

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