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V Articulation, Stopping, Fricatives, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Homework

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About This Product

V Articulation, Stopping, Fricatives, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Homework

This is a valuable resource designed to support speech and language development amongst learners. It provides interactive methods for efficient learning of the notorious /v/ sounds production. Appropriate for any grade level.


  • Designed for ease of use with no preparation required.
  • Works ideally in both formal and informal educational settings.
  • Consists of an interactive interface known as Boom Cards™ that invite students’ inputs whilst learning.
Main Character:

Vlad the Vampire Bat

The Kit Includes:
  1. Twenty target words ideal for data collection,
  2. Twenty interactive BOOM cards,
  3. Detailed guidelines and strategies to assist in mastering /v/ sound production,

Bonus Inclusions:

    A sizable bonus PDF printable information (Easily Email-friendly).

      Cut-out materials featuring Vlad Vampire Bat technology enhanced tactile-kinesthetic interaction catering to learners’ diversity such as;
        - Color versions
        - Black and white versions

NB: The resource encourages repeat practice hence solidifying learnt skills significantly. Every purchase may serve one professional user at a time copyrighted to Power Speech and Language 2020." Lastly,

This ready-made teaching aid promises not only convenience but also an interesting learning environment that enhances students' engagement hence making learning an exciting experience. Don't miss out on this value-added resource!

What's Included

20 target words for data collection

20 BOOM cards with interactive interface

Directions with tips for breathing and producing /v/ sound

Positive reinforcement throughout- earn fan cave drawings for a job well done!

25 page BONUS PDF to print (or email home); Cut out "Vlad Vampire Bat" and use your finger to drag him across the dotted lines while sustaining /v/ (color and black and limited color/black and white versions included)

Resource Tags

articulation speech therapy fricatives BOOM cards interactive learning stopping of fricatives

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