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Valentine's Day Playdough Mats

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled Valentine's Day Playdough Mats downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Introducing the Valentine's Day Playdough Mats!

This distinctive learning resource is designed with educators in mind, catering to the needs of those teaching early learning, preschool, kindergarten and first grade students.

Numeracy Skills Enhancement

The major focus of these playdough mats is to stimulate numeral recognition and number sense development among young scholars. They are an ideal tool to facilitate interactive and hands-on activities that make learning numbers a fun-filled experience. Students can mingle creativity with academic learning by filling in numeral shapes using playdough stretches and placing tiny balls of dough in respective frame boxes.

Detailed Design & Structure

Designed as printable pages encapsulated into a 42 page PDF file, these mats immersed in color are an enjoyable way for children to learn about numbers from 1-20. Not only do they offer assistance with number recognition but they also serve as an exciting mechanism for improving essential mathematical skills through counting practices.

  • Ease:You can conveniently print out these math worksheets for single-use assignments.
  • Longevity:You may also laminate them for consistent use over time – either way meeting your purpose!
  • A recolored version is available so you can opt between full-color or black & white mats depending on your preference or resources available.

Versatile Usage Options

"Conceived primarily as a whole-group activity during class hours, these Valentine's Day Playdough Mats also work phenomenally well for small group settings like study circles or independent education situations such home-based tutoring sessions."

In essence, this creative yet practical educational resource offers not just straightforward worksheets but a chance for students to truly engage with numbers on diverse levels – making numeracy education both thrilling and effective!

What's Included

A PDF file with 42 printable pages.

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Valentine's Day Playdough Mats Number Recognition Hands-on Learning Math Worksheets

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