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"WH" Question Prompts Set 2 | High Color Version

An educational teaching resource from Socially Skilled Kids entitled "WH" Question Prompts Set 2 | High Color Version downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

"WH" Question Prompts Set 2 | High Color Version

An innovatively designed teaching resource developed meticulously for educators aimed to enhance the conversational and social skills of their learners. Catering especially to those with special needs like autism, ADHD, language delays or English Language Learners (ELL), this tool provides targeted instruction to hone these fundamental skills.

Four Level Progression & Versatility

The highlight is its four-level progression which equips teachers to deal with varying skill levels within their class and adapt effectively as students move towards more complex challenges. Each level comes accompanied by its set of instructions and ten dedicated pages of prompts. Given that the file type is PDF, it can be used flexibly - printed or displayed digitally fitting into a myriad of educational contexts such as large group teachings, small groups instructions, or even homework assignments.

Applications Across Grade Levels & Therapies

  • Grade Range: This tool is ideal for Kindergarten through Grade three classes.
  • Speech Therapy: Finds robust applicability within Speech Therapy sessions facilitating organic discussions while honing speech intelligibility.

Bonus Inclusion: Homework Prompt Variant & Condensed Versions

The package also boasts an inclusive black-and-white Homework Prompt variant along with condensed versions packing four prompts per page for additional compactness further allowing customization based on various teaching styles and student preferences.

Inclusive Package

A comprehensive package encompassing 69 pages packed with colorful interactive questioning cues ensuring each lesson becomes far more than just academic studies but turns into a fun-fueled learning excursion shaping future communicators!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 69 Pages

Level 1 Directions

Level 1 Prompts (10 pages)

Level 2 Directions

Level 2 Prompts (10 pages)

Level 3 Directions

Level 3 Prompts (10 pages)

Level 4 Directions

Level 4 Prompts (10 pages)

Homework Directions

Homework Prompts: Black and White (10 pages)

12 Pages Small Prompts: All Of The 40 High Color Prompts. 4 Prompts To A Page

Resource Tags

WH questions conversation skills interactive learning speech therapy communication skills

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