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"WH" Question Prompts | Halloween Themed, 20 Differentiated Prompts

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About This Product

WH Question Prompts | Halloween Themed, 20 Differentiated Prompts

An engaging resource bringing a Halloween twist to teaching 'WH' questions is aimed at boosting the social pragmatic skills in primary grade students. This activity educates while entertaining thanks to its playful theme.

The set includes 20 diverse prompt cards focusing on who, what, when, where, why and how questions:

  • The first 10 cards are designed for students ready for a more challenging experience
  • Card numbers 11 through 20 are presented in black and white format suitable for direct or take-home assignments
The unique feature of these WH question prompts are one-word hints that can be concealed. This:
  • Forces learners to think creatively about complete 'WH' queries on their own thus sharpening their mental faculties.
  • Reinforces language skills overall and promotes automaticity.
  • Enhances social skills including perspective taking thereby preparing them with vital life skills.
A Make Your Own page bundled as bonus content provides creative freedom for teachers or parents alike to inject their personal touch into the learning process driving both repetition and practice.

A teacher’s prompt guide is included allowing you to maximize every learning opportunity with precision. Crafted specifically for children requiring speech therapy techniques among other special resources; this tool promotes consistent learning from foundational stages whether implemented during group discussions or assigned as individual homework tasks.

This Halloween season prepare with fun, productive learning materials that facilitate teacher-student engagement built around pushing boundaries while celebrating the festive spirit!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 31 Pages

Teacher Prompts Page

10 Full Page Color Question Prompt Cards

1 Bonus Page

1 Make Your Own

10 Full Page Black and White Question Prompt Cards (all new prompts)

1 Bonus Page

1 Make Your Own

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Halloween WH questions social skills speech therapy differentiated prompts

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