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What are your Political Viewpoints? Survey

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About This Product

This 5-page lesson is Lesson 3 in my unit: Every 4 Years...The Presidential Election Unit. This lesson is designed to help students understand what it means to have a political viewpoint and to help them identify where they and a family member fall on the spectrum of political viewpoints for current issues in our nation. It is also an opportunity for students to have a discussion with an adult in their family about politics today.  Finally, students will write a reflection about this activity. Generally, I have introduced this activity after we have explored the meaning of key election terms. That lesson, lesson 2, Essential Election Terms, is available as part of my Election unit or as a separate lesson.  During non-election years, this lesson can be used in a unit on the Constitution.

Here is a description of my unit: Every Four Years… The Presidential Election Unit is designed using the Into, Through, and Beyond model of lesson planning. This lesson can be taught independently, but it does set the foundation for future lessons in the unit. Here is a summary of what is in the unit:

  • Into Lessons: Creating Schema

The following lessons: Lesson 1: Anticipation Guide: Essential Statements about the Election; Lesson 2: Understanding Essential Election Terms; and Lesson 3: What Are Your Political Viewpoints Survey?

  • Through Lessons: Learning the Content

The following lessons: Lesson 4: Major and Minor Political Parties; Lesson 5: A Brief History of Who Can Vote; Lesson 6: The Nuts and Bolts of the United States Presidential Election; Lesson 7: Propaganda and Political Campaigns; and Lesson 8: Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Issues 

  • Beyond Lessons: Summative Assessments

Finally, the culminating projects, Lesson 9: Argumentative Letter to the Editor on a Candidate, and Lesson 10: Election Group Project.

What's Included

This lesson includes the following:

--an Introduction, Objectives, Learning Targets, Standards (California Common Core Standards), detailed Directions,

-- a survey

--a short reflective writing

Resource Tags

Civics Elections - VotingU.S. HistoryPoliticsGovernment

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