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What Was the Ice Age by Nico Medina Questions

What Was the Ice Age by Nico Medina Questions
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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product


What Was the Ice Age by Nico Medina Questions is an impressive educational resource, curated for teachers instructing Grade 4 to Grade 6 Language Art classes. It emphasizes critical comprehension and reading skills with an aspect of handwriting practice.


This tool serves in enhancing engagement, attention to minute text details, and fostering open discussions among students.

About the Tool

  1. The toolkit consists of questions explicitly developed for each chapter of the book 'What Was the Ice Age' by Nico Medina.
  2. Five unique questions are composed for each chapter designed to integrate clear answers from within the text.
  3. A significant feature is that any set of chapter questions can be started from any sequence as they do not intersect or rely on information in preceding chapters.
  4. The power within this resources lies mainly in encouraging close reading practices that harness deep and thoughtful insights about various chapters’ context.
Suitable Scenarios:
  • In-house schooling involving all class participants,
  • Smaller-focused groups,
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions,
  • Note: what's more, it can even serve as homework assignments providing continuous after-school learning.

In House benefits:

    Note:  This tool also proves helpful during independent student study or collaborative work with parents at home stirring meaningful conversations around each completed chapter.
    Each group comprising five inquiries per chapter impels students to provide answers in complete sentences emphasizing effective writing skills at the same time honing their attention on detail-oriented reading practices.
    It also insists on jotting down page numbers locating their text snippets inculcating research habits in young learners.
    An answer key is included within these PDF files, invaluable during educators' assignment tasks checking while students possess a verified source endorsing their concluded derivations, making it an ideal reading complement enriching both teachers' and learners' experiences.


Allocate your curious minds to productive discussions concluding every day's lesson with thoughtful question/answer sessions directed towards cohesively absorbing knowledge about our planet's Ice age era through literary exploration aided by our teaching tool - What Was the Ice Age by Nico Medina Questions.

What's Included

1 PDF File | 18 Pages

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Ice Age Comprehension Reading Skills Critical Thinking Writing Practice

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