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Why Leaves Change Color In The Fall - Science Reading Article – Grades 5-7

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Grade 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Why Leaves Change Color In The Fall - Science Reading Article teaches students in grades 5-7 about the science behind autumn leaf color changes. This engaging reading resource explains topics like photosynthesis, weather changes, and more using relevant examples and clear illustrations. Questions after the reading check comprehension and develop critical thinking skills. Use this reading to introduce seasons and plant biology, provide an independent study option for advanced students, prep emergency sub plans, and improve science literacy. The reading integrates easily into Google Classroom and includes editable Word, PDF, and Google Doc versions to assign digitally or print. Students will learn the science behind fall colors while building literacy abilities with this reading.

What's Included

The Reading Looks at:

- Green leaves

- Photosynthesis

- Changes in Weather and Lengths of Days

- Why leaves change color

1 zip file with:

-Reading passage as a DOC and PDF

-Comprehension questions w/ Answer Key

-Google Reading Access PDF

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leaves seasons fall reading comprehension

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