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Volcanoes: The Benefits and Devastation - Science Reading Comprehension

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Volcanoes: The Benefits and Devastation - Science Reading Comprehension

An expansive teaching resource guiding grade 8-11 students to a deeper understanding of volcanology.


  • Aid in facilitating science literacy with a sharp focus on major types of volcanoes, their history, formation, function, and environmental impacts.
  • Promotes disciplinary literacy in earth sciences or across the broader field of science.
  • Enhance students' reading comprehension and analysis skills alongside their subject knowledge.


This resource can be leveraged across much secondary education whether applied to whole groups, small clusters or as homework assignments. Furthermore;

  • Compatibility with Google Classroom allows easy assignment distribution without any formatting struggle as it's available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats too.
  • Craft efficient instruction plans during absences thanks to this resource’s effectiveness during substitute-led lessons.

Bonus features:

The package ensures engagement for timeframes between 50-75 minutes inclusive of open-ended questions that promote reflective thinking; complete with an accompanying answer key - saving teacher's preparation time.

A Boon for Educators!

Made to suit the intellectual capacity of Grade 8-11 students ensuring student engagement and improvement in scientific literacy skills without any location or equipment limitations. A robust companion for educators under varying circumstances – whether it be topic introduction or catering extension activities for fast-paced learners.


What's Included

This resource covers the following topics:

- The major types of volcanoes

- Volcano history and formation

- How a volcano works

- The environmental impacts of volcanoes

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Volcanoes Science literacy Reading comprehension Earth sciences Environmental impacts

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