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Winter Digraphs Dab It

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Winter Digraphs Dab It

Winter Digraphs Dab It is a fantastic teaching resource that invigorates children's learning experience during the winter season. This packet combines beginning and ending digraph activities, suitable for first, second, and third-grade students.

This packet has a low preparation design, making it valuable for educators. The only requirement is to print out the pages with digraphs specific to each student's needs.

  • Included in this packet:
    • 6 beginning word digraph dab it pages
    • 7 ending word digraph dab it pages
    • 2 extra interactive picture code pages

Navigating Winter Digraphs Dab It

The navigation of this package is straightforward: instruct your students on how to correctly use bingo markers or dabbers before starting the activity. Each worksheet promotes active participation from learners as they 'dab' on the correct digraph in responding to each prompt.

Besides its focus on linguistics lessons for grades one through three, this phonics-based tool could also benefit those beyond these grade levels—especially anyone seeking improved mastery of language sounds through fun immersion techniques.

Possible Uses:

  • This pack can be utilized:,
  • In individual assignments,,
  • In small group instructions,,
  • Or even as a whole class activity—offering variations according to different pedagogical strategies or students' unique needs..
Thus this pack comes packed within over 17 engaging printable PDF-pages full of linguistic exercises designed to enthrall kids while improving their knowledge of digraphs. It provides hours of enjoyable learning throughout the year, even though it shines brightest during winters!

What's Included

17 printable pages in PDF Format

Resource Tags

Winter Digraphs Dab It Phonics-based Linguistics

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