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Wombat Carer: Interactive Listening Activity

Wombat Carer: Interactive Listening Activity
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

The Wombat Carer: Interactive Listening Activity

A comprehensive educational resource primarily targeted at adult ESL learners, low-intermediate to intermediate ESL students, and grades 3-6 students wanting to enhance their language arts skills.

Resource Description:

This tool is based on a news story available on the BTN website (link provided in the product description). Learners can improve their listening capabilities and enrich their vocabulary understanding through engaging with a real-world news narrative.

Components of Learning:
  • Note-taking from an oral passage: Improves listeners' ability to identify significant points in verbal communication.
  • Vocabulary exercises: Empowers learners with new language tools by working through new words appearing in the text.
  • Partner discussions: This core component facilitates conversations among pairs, augmenting spoken English capabilities significantly.
  • Comprehension Exercise: Assesses learner progress in understanding spoken content, allowing teachers to monitor advancement levels actively.
    Incorporates writing activities for channelling improved comprehension and newly acquired vocabulary into written output for validating understanding proficiency.

Diverse Application Options

This product can be utilized seamlessly in whole-class participation or broken down into smaller group discussions. Also suitable as homework tasks aimed at enhancing individual proficiency. The Wombat Carer: Interactive Listening Activity offers teachers across public schools as well as homeschoolers effective teaching methodologies via audio file type activities guaranteeing learner progress & achievement.

What's Included

- Listening notes.

- Vocabulary.

- Partner discussion.

- Comprehension.

- Writing.

Resource Tags

interactive listeningESLvocabularyspeaking practicecomprehension

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