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Word of the Day Bell Ringers w/ Fiction Narrative Assignment

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Assist your middle and high school students' vocabulary acquisition with this resource that requires students to learn and apply 35 unique and complex words (taken from past SAT Writing & Language tests) through bell ringer activities and a summative realistic fiction writing assignment.

Teaching this resource is simple! Start it by presenting a new word at the start of each class period with the included slideshow while students use note-paper or the accompanying Google Form to digitally submit their own sentence using the day's word. When you have exhausted the 35 words, hand out the Science Fiction writing assignment, which includes planning and drafting activities, a peer edit, and Common Core rubric!

Designed to open a class period in the amount of time it might take to record attendance, your purchase includes:

  • A 35-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes for each word: the part of speech, definition, example sentence, language of origin, and prompt for students to record their own sentence in their digital “word journal”

  • A link to a copy of a Google Slide Word Journal that can be shared with students, allowing them to record the word of the day and their unique sentence in a secure place while also generating a repository of answers to make assessment a breeze!

  • An alternative, printable World Journal document with directions, weekly word entries, and "completion" rubric

  • A realistic fiction narrative essay summative assessment that asks students to incorporate their learned vocabulary words into an original piece of writing. The narrative assignment handout includes writing tips, peer edit checklist, and ELA Common Core aligned rubric (CCRA.W.3, CCRA.L.1, CCRA.L2, CCRA.L.4)


veneer, extol, skirmish, marshal, irreproachable, edifice, archetype, clemency, peccadillo, patronize, laceration, ogle, prescient, absolution, jingoism, zenith, befuddle, egalitarianism, nebulous, brawny, tractable, unctuous, gratis, mundane, quaff, nomadic, placate, incipient, uproarious, credible, negate, serendipity, utopian, palisade

Although this resource can be fitted for any secondary Language Arts classroom, it has been carefully designed to work best in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The included activities and rubric are subtly but specifically tied to Common Core ELA Standard for Language (1, 2, and 4) and Writing (3). This resource is provided in a print-ready, bookmarked, and adjustable PDFs, Google Form, and PowerPoint Show files.

This resource contains: 5 pages; 36 slides; 1 Google Form.

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