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Word Puzzles Crossword Wordsearch Anagram VEHICLES

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Word Games with Puzzles | Crossword Wordsearch Anagram | VEHICLES .

Designed for usage across multiple grade levels, this teaching resource known as 'Word Games with Puzzles' seamlessly integrates essential vocabulary study with an engaging VEHICLES theme . This resource is incredibly versatile and adaptable to fit a variety of learning environments .

It invites educators in public schools, or even those that teach in a homeschooling setting, to invigorate their Language Arts curriculum while catering to educational trends including Special Education Needs ( SEN ), Speech Therapy, ESL instruction, and Life Skills lessons .

The primary contents of the package comprise :

  • two matching activities ( words to pictures & vice versa ) .

  • a word search board with real photos or illustrations on top of the page .

  • two quiz versions .

  • anagrams worksheet ( with photos or color illustration images ) .

  • a wheel of images to spin, cut and paste or laminate as flash cards .

  • a wheel of words to spin, cut and paste or laminate as flash cards .

  • two writing boards (blank and lined) .

    The word search board challenges pupils further by letting them identify key keywords hidden amongst many irrelevant ones - offering both challenge and fun .

Supplemental Materials include :

  • Real photos along with whimsical illustrations serve dual purposes; they function not only as flashcards but also allow teachers to create visual folders thus adding versatility and creativity into everyday teaching circumstances .

All elements included in this resource can double down both as part of your center's resources library or can be handed out on individual bases hence serving multiple needs, from group- works to homework assignments .

This brings you the valued flexibility everyone appreciates when it comes down classroom management - making this product extremely well- rounded .

12 page pdf .

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