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Write A Letter: What Can I Tell You About My Friends? (6-9 years)

Write A Letter: What Can I Tell You About My Friends? (6-9 years)
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Write A Letter: What Can I Tell You About My Friends? is a teaching resource specifically designed for children aged 6-9. This tool promotes the development of communication, writing, and descriptive skills by prompting kids to detail their closest friends.

The exercise entails learners reflecting on their friend's attributes including physical features, age, hair condition among others and creatively drafting these into a letter for an imaginary pen friend named Carmen. The provision of a letter prompt fosters accurate expression.

The package contains more than just an opportunity to write a first letter though; it introduces students to various categories of information and equips them to distinguish between facts and opinions.

This resource is primarily beneficial for:

  • Educators teaching Grades 1-4 Language Arts with focus on Writing skills
  • Tutors working with young learners who may be hesitant or reluctant writers

Possible uses for this resource:

  1. Whole group instruction: The packet could form base of interactive writing lessons enabling shared construction of each part within brainstorming sessions or discussions.
  2. Small group settings: Students can develop sections collaboratively then share summaries for peer review opportunities.
  3. Independent work activities or homework tasks: These worksheets encourage higher level engagement from those comfortable working alone while allowing teachers focused observation time.

The materials come in an eleven-page PDF file format providing ease in both preparation and presentation. This reliable Write A Letter set alleviates teachers' task in drafting lesson plans but rather lets them focus entirely on effectively facilitating children's learning experience as they explore friendships.


What's Included

11 pages

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