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Write About My Street (7-11 years)

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Write About My Street (7-11 years) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Write About My Street (7-11 years) Educator Resource

This valuable teaching resource is perfect for enhancing your students' creative writing skills. Aimed at children aged between 7-11, it encourages pupils to draw from personal experiences and familiar surroundings, engaging even the most hesitant of writers.

Key Features:
  • Starts with a mural creating area maps, fostering creativity and comprehension skills development.
  • Incorporates various exercises like Camping Out on A Summers Night, exposing students to different forms of literary expressions such as rhyming couplet poetry and storytelling based on poems.
  • Focuses on adding fine details when describing places, characters, and events - a crucial aspect of improving overall writing levels.
  • Addition of powerful verbs, strong adjectives, and distinct adverbs into vocabulary usage takes narrative quality up a notch.
Nurturing Key Skills:

The resource includes an exercise titled "Describe the Characters In My Street" that explores the use funny rhymes about characters from various areas. Through this exercise, students grasp how similes work in conjunction with onomatopoeia and adjectives.

To sharpen critical thinking skills alongside writing enhancement,
the kit embeds thought-provoking questions within its framework, aiding learners to write about roads or neighbors they see daily.

Kick-starting Observational Skills & Descriptive Expression:

This prompts observational capabilities alongside cultivating an aptitude for descriptive expression. Last but not least..., this resource not only includes prompts but comprehensive lessons ranging from understanding simple to complex sentence structure. This promotes strong connective usage while keeping punctuation rules clear.

This resource is available in user-friendly PDF format, perfect for one-to-one tutoring sessions at home or classroom-based group activities. The toolkit makes learning less daunting yet more meaningful for educators globally.

What's Included

6 pages

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creative writing descriptive expression personal experiences vocabulary usage comprehension skills

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