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Write A Story Called 'Sports Day' (7-11 years)

Write A Story Called 'Sports Day' (7-11 years)
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About This Product

Get ready for 'Write A Story Called Sports Day' – a captivating digital educational resource crafted especially for 7-11-year-olds. Designed to spark creativity and enhance writing skills, this lively and appealing magazine-style pack features relatable stories and non-fiction texts along with stimulating follow-up activities that will encourage even the most hesitant writers to create their own unique content.

The journey begins with a letter-writing exercise where children invite their parents to join them at school sports day. From there, they are challenged to compose the tale of their own sports day adventure, drawing inspiration from an example story provided along with helpful prompts.

Our comprehensive work packs expertly guide children through essential writing techniques such as constructing diverse sentence types, employing connectives effectively, understanding grammar principles, expanding vocabulary usage, and mastering punctuation rules. These packs are not only perfect for students getting ready for exams but also provide invaluable support for learners who have special needs or are engaged in learning English as a second language.

Let 'Write A Story Called Sports Day' guide your students on an exciting journey towards improving their literary abilities in an enjoyable and interactive way! This exhilarating resource includes four enriching pages of activities that keep the fun going all throughout.

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