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Write To Persuade: Help The Homeless (9-14 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Write To Persuade: Help The Homeless (9-14 years)

An essential teaching resource designed to enhance the literacy skills of grade 4 - 7 students. Not just a collection of worksheets, but an immersive journey into the world of persuasive writing.

Key Features:
  • Exercises that help children learn how to alternate perspectives and articulate personal opinions in their prose.
  • Fundamental spelling, grammar and punctuation rules that are crucial for competent writing.
  • In-depth exploration on essential organisational and literary devices employed in persuasive writing such as figurative language, emotive words usage, strategic repetition application, and crafting connectives for smooth transitions.
  • Tips on varying sentence structures for versatility in written discourse, alongside model answers by actual students.
  • Inclusion of sample essays on non-fiction topics along with vetted planning sheets as starting points.

This resource not only illuminates student errors but also provides precise methods to correct them. Offering empowering tips that guarantee academic success – perfect for real coursework or exam situations!

A versatile tool:
Ideal for independent home studies or as a supplementary resource to traditional school curriculums. This comprehensive package makes lesson preparation easier while extending purposeful support during homework tasks.

The time-tested techniques within this pack foster foundational skills in persuasive non-fiction writing that your students will use throughout their educational journey.

Purchase Write To Persuade: Help The Homeless today- It's an investment into your student's future!

What's Included

12 pages

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persuasive writing literacy skills critical thinking homeless non-fiction writing

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