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Writing And Comprehension Practice: I Spy A Cat (4-8 years)

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About This Product

Product Overview:

The product, 'Writing And Comprehension Practice: I Spy A Cat (4-8 years)', is an innovative teaching resource designed to amplify the learning experience of young children between 4-8 years. This resource targets language arts through the sub-discipline of phonics.

It is specifically developed to be used as a companion workbook for Mission Spelling Book: I Spy A Cat, found in the violet level of the Mission Spelling Zero scheme.

Content and Usage:

This workbook contains nine pages filled with follow-up activities that draw heavily upon phonic sound work explored within its companion book. Students will have a chance to reinforce and apply these learned phonetic details in engaging exercises such as:

  • Tracing and writing letters
  • Writing words inspired by the story from 'I Spy A cat'

Comprehension Exercise:

In addition to spelling practices, this teaching resource incorporates a simplistic comprehension exercise based on context clues derived directly from its correlated storybook.


This multifaceted educational material provides educators various options for implementation. Whether you're teaching a whole class or small group or including this as part of homework assignments and independent study.

About Zoggy:
The character Zoggy is present throughout this series of books offered by ‘Mission Spelling Zero’. He generates interest among students due his dynamic persona - being an innovative alien from afar who excel at computer skills. He assists kids in learning initial sounds through enriching stories which eventually build onto more complex linguistic components such as double consonant blends and vowel digraphs. Note:

As your student navigates through levels signified by rainbow colors he or she will find these phonics skills becoming tools that accelerate future learning possibilities.


Exposed to this comprehensive writing practice module, students will develop, refine and master the foundational skills that are essential for lifelong literacy. Ideal for Early Learning, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 instruction.

- First sentence construction

- Engaging in games that encourage learning retention

In conclusion:

Embark on exploring reading abilities further with 'Writing And Comprehension Practice: I Spy A Cat (4-8 years)' with your students as partners on their educational journey.

What's Included

9 pages

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